New Images From California’s Central Coast

Back in September I had the good fortune of being in Northern California on business.  I was able to parlay that into a slow roadtrip along Highway 1 – California’s central coast – Monterey – Carmel – Big Sur.  I hadn’t been along that stretch of coast since I was a kid!


My favorite spot, Garrapata State Beach, was an easy drive from Carmel, yet far enough that it’s not a congested tourist destination.  In many ways it reminded me of Palos Verdes but with a more aggressive shoreline.


One thing about using a medium format film camera is it teaches you to slow down, to soak in the inherent beauty of place.  I can’t tell you how many times I’m in a beautiful spot and somebody runs up with a camera, takes a quick picture, and runs off.


At every location I visited, I sat down and just stared at the scene in front of me.  After a while I’d set up my tripod and camera to photograph whatever it was I found special about that place.  Slow is good.

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