Robert’s passion for photography came as a surprise to him.  Sometime around 2001 digital photography was becoming increasingly affordable for the masses.  He remembers being in Big Bear for a family reunion.  Somebody had the idea for a big family picture.  Everyone in his family who had a new digital camera was taking a picture with their own camera.


He didn’t have a camera at the time.  The odd thing was that at least five people had the picture on their camera but never shared a final print.  Robert was going to change that.


The next year he bought an inexpensive digital camera and began snapping away.  He soon found that film was still far superior to the digital technology at that point in time.  He delved into the art of photography learning the principles of darkroom work, yet working in a hybrid environment of analog and digital.


His background in the analog medium unquestionably contributed to his pursuit of excellence in printmaking.  While most photographers have written off film as dead, Robert still prefers the look and feel of film and integrates it into his digital workflow.


He began taking classes and hanging out with incredibly talented photographers.  He eventually established Robert Vlach Photography.


Robert photographs two loosely defined bodies of work – commercial and landscape.  His commercial work includes lifestyle weddings (specializing in 2nd marriages and later-in-life marriages), portraits, children, and pets.  He primarily shoots on-location.


Of his lifestyle photography, he recently explained to a couple prior to their engagement photo session along the cliffs in Palos Verdes, “Here’s what I’m going for: you’re out on a hike, you’re enjoying each other’s company, you’re in love and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.  A great photographer just happened to be there.  When your friends and family view your pictures, I want them to feel like they were there.  I want them to understand the feelings you have for each other.”


In addition to his commercial work, Robert has a special passion for color and black and white landscape photography.  Some of the locations he is particularly drawn to include Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Utah, and at home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.


Robert has many motivators for photographing landscapes.  He enjoys sharing both the familiar and unfamiliar with a unique and distinct perspective.  The challenge of planning and executing a photograph that highlights the wondrous nature of the place in a way few people have seen is one of the most gratifying aspects to him.


Robert grew up in Torrance and currently resides in San Pedro, CA.  He is married and has two fantastic step-children.  He graduated with a business degree from California State University, Long Beach.