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Companies are putting on events all the time – from annual meetings to golf tournaments to employee recognition to trade shows to awards and honors and holiday functions.  There’s a constant need for fresh and dynamic images!  It takes special skill and equipment to successfully navigate these events and get great images.  Challenges include:

  • shooting in dim lighting
  • blending in and being discreet
  • being quick and efficient
  • having the right personality


Every event is unique – and the photos need to be equally unique.  For example,

  • Some trade shows like to have a lot of photos of people interacting with their sponsors (good for selling sponsorships next year!), where other companies only want photos of attendees.
  • Other companies want primarily photos of their executive team.
  • Still others focus on their presenters.


There’s no right or wrong – just what you need and how you plan on using them.  Before your event we’ll talk about these issues.  Having a photographer who understands those nuances gets you one step closer to having the right images!


You will receive a professional and courteous experience.  You will get incredibly fast turnaround.  You will get images that are web and print ready.  You will get images that are properly exposed, in focus, and sharp.  And most important, you will get full rights to use the images however you wish (I also keep rights for my own promotional purposes.)


Common Optional Add-On:  Sometimes your event is the perfect time to update management, board and staff portraits (see gallery below).  Many websites and other marketing materials are a hodge-podge of different styles, backgrounds and sizes.  This is a great time to fix that!  In fact, scheduling some time for that purpose makes a lot of sense!


Pricing is simple and straightforward.


Daily rate (8 hrs)   $850

Half day (4 hrs)   $500

Travel expenses waived if inside the Greater L.A. area.  An extra charge for add-on portraits may apply.


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