What To Expect

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If you have cats, contact me.  You probably won’t want to leash them up to meet at a park, right?


Before we even start we should have an idea of what you’re going to do with the photographs.  Where will you put them in your home or office?  How much room do you have?  Are you open to both color and black-and-white?  Is your dog active?  Lazy?  Friendly?  Grumpy?  How do you prefer your dog looking?  Long hair?  Short hair?


Next, we’ll schedule a session at a park near my home in San Pedro.  I have a few great locations nearby!  We’ll actually schedule two appointments.  The first is the photo shoot itself.  The second is the image review where you’ll come over and we’ll look at the images and, based on what we talked about earlier, decide which images will look great on your walls!


When we schedule the session we’ll take into account any grooming considerations and make sure there’s ample time for hair to grow out, etc.


On the day of the session, it’s a good idea to arrive 10 minutes early to let your dog acclimate himself to the area.  You’ll want to bring 1 or 2 of his favorite toys – a squeeky toy, an old tennis ball, whatever.  At first I won’t be taking many pictures – we’ll all just hang out and chat so your dog gets comfortable with me.  We’ll start with more active shots – your dog will probably be pretty wound up anyway.  After they’ve burned off some energy we’ll try some sitting, standing, and laying down.


Expect the unexpected.