Corporate Portraits

Corporate ~ Family ~ Individual

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Have you seen some companies websites where they have headshots and each image is completely different from the next?  In most cases they’ve taken a point and shoot, gone to that persons office and done the ‘line up’ shot – you know, stand up against the wall and say ‘cheese’.


It’s important to have corporate identity.  A tough law firm specializing in helping motorcycle accident victims might have a serious concerned look.  This look tells the client this firm means business.  Your neighborhood grocer on the other hand might want to convey how friendly and helpful they are and will have a much softer look and tone to their portraits.


Before our session we’ll talk about how best to portray the people in your company.  We’ll talk about look and attitude as well as what to wear, the color of the backgrounds, etc.  We do all this to make sure every picture looks like it belongs on your website and that you are a cohesive team.



Pricing for corporate portraiture falls into 3 categories – small, medium and large.


In all the pricing scenarios below, the final product is a high resolution, retouched, digital image with full permissions to use on your website and marketing materials.  Printed photographs are available as well.


Sole Proprietor

Being in business for myself I understand how hard it is to be President as well as Chief Bottle Washer.  I also understand the need for a professional image and I’m here to help.


If you are a one-person shop – consultant, attorney, Amway distributor, etc. – I invite you to come to my home studio and I will do a mini-session for just $40.


As an added incentive, if you bring another sole proprietor with you to the session, the price will be a very reasonable $35 each.



Medium Size Company

For companies with 2-8 people it may make sense for all of you to come to my home studio.


The price is a flat $55 per person.


If you need for me to come to you, the Large company pricing would apply.



Large Size Company

For companies with 8+ people, it makes a whole lot more sense for me to come to you.


In nearly all cases, the pricing formula is roughly a $400 flat fee plus $55 per person.